What is the investment management standard?


The Investment Management Standard (IMS) is a collection of simple, commonsense ideas and practices that help organisations to direct resources to deliver the best outcomes.

When first developed the IMS was used to help shape individual investments. Today, its uses have broadened to the point where it can now support the primary investment decision‐making functions of an organisation. 

The standard has evolved as a reaction to complex investment practices that demand compliance but have failed to properly articulate the real need for an investment or the benefits the investment is expected to deliver.

Investment Management can be used to undertake the following seven practices:

  • shape a new investment;
  • prioritise investment proposals;
  • develop new policy;
  • monitor and measure the delivery of benefits;
  • evaluate a program of investment;
  • refocus an organisation to improve its effectiveness; and
  • monitor an organisation’s outcomes.

For more information, see the investment management standard version 5.