Gateway key decision points


The Gateway review process examines projects and programs at key decision points throughout their lifecycle.

Gateway reviews for projects

Projects undergo Gate 1 through 6 reviews, reflective of the key decision points in a project's lifecycle.

Gate 1: Concept and feasibility

Gate 1 investigates the strategic direction and concept development of the proposed investment against the wider agency, portfolio or whole of government goals or needs.

The review is normally performed once the strategic assessment or preliminary business case has been substantially completed but prior to formal submission to the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) or the government for final consideration.

Gate 2: Business case

This review is performed at the completion of the full business case and prior to its submission for funding. This review confirms the business is robust, i.e. it meets the business need, is affordable, achievable and is likely to obtain value for money.

Gate 3: Readiness for market

This review is generally performed after Expressions of Interest (EOI) are released but before Requests for Proposals (RFP) or Tenders (RFT) are issued to the market.

This review confirms the business case once the project is fully defined, confirms the objectives and desired outputs remain aligned and ensures the procurement approach is robust, appropriate and approved.

Gate 4: Tender decision

The Gate 4 review is performed after the preferred contractor has been selected, but prior to contract sign-off.

This review confirms the business case including benefits plan once the bid information is confirmed and checks the required statutory and procedural requirements were followed and that the recommended contract decision is likely to deliver the specified outcomes on time, within budget and provide value for money.

Gate 5: Readiness for service

The Gate 5 review occurs once the asset or service is ready for delivery. This review tests the projects readiness to provide the required service by confirming the current phase of the contract is complete and documented, the contract management arrangements are in place and current, and the business case remains valid.

Gate 6: Benefits realisation

Gate 6 reviews typically occur 6-18 months after project completion and examines whether the benefits as defined in the business case are being delivered.


Program review

A program in the Gateway context can be defined as a:

  • series of inter-related projects with a common aim; or
  • broad framework or policy concept that may result in a series of largely independent, smaller projects.

As programs are different to projects, a separate Gateway review format known as the program review may be employed.

Program reviews are designed specifically for large programs of work or interrelated projects.

Program reviews provide a means of reviewing the progress of individual stages, phases and milestones of projects within the program whilst ensuring coherence and focus on the overall program outcomes.

Gates 1 to 6 review formats may also be used in conjunction with program reviews where it is considered that projects within a program undergoing Gateway program reviews may also benefit from a review at a specific key decision point/s.