National Public Private Partnerships


The National Public Private Partnership (PPP) Policy and Guidelines were agreed by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) in November 2008 and were most recently updated in 2015.

Under this agreement the National PPP Working Group works co-operatively to improve the use of PPP projects by undertaking research and progressing PPP reform.

National PPP Policy and Guidelines

The National PPP Policy and Guidelines include:

  • National PPP Policy Framework
  • National PPP Guidelines Overview
  • Volume 1: Procurement Options Analysis
  • Volume 2: Practitioners’ Guide
  • Volume 3: Commercial Principles for Social Infrastructure
  • Volume 4: Public Sector Comparator Guidance
  • Volume 5: Discount Rate Methodology Guidance
  • Volume 6: Jurisdictional Requirements
  • Volume 7: Commercial Principles for Economic Infrastructure

They are available

National PPP Working Group

The Australian federal, state and territory governments work cooperatively to progress PPP reform. The National PPP Working Group was established in 2004 to improve how PPPs are used.

The National PPP Working Group is the key group in Australia that leads the development of policy responses and process improvements for governments and was the driving force behind the development of the National PPP Policy and Guidelines.

The National PPP Working Group includes government specialists in PPP policy and implementation from agencies in Federal Government and each state and territory government, typically from the finance, treasury or infrastructure portfolios. Infrastructure Australia is also a member.