Update to the Guide to Ministerial Directions No 1


Further amendments have been made to the Guide to Ministerial Direction No 1 (MD1 Guide) for public construction with effect from 1 March 2017.

Amendments have been made to the MD1 Guide as part of the Government’s agenda to reform construction procurement. These changes expand the MD1 Guide to include best practice guidance relating to tendering of public construction.

The amendments include a combination of general principles, specific requirements and non-mandatory guidance highlighting good practice options to achieve the following policy objectives:
  • Reduce unnecessary information requirements in Expressions of Interests (EOIs) and Request for Proposal (RFPs);
  • Avoid using the tender period as a ‘catch-up’ for design delays;
  • Avoid late and multiple addenda;
  • Avoid having bidders price multiple options;
  • Clarity of project objectives;
  • Improve the Q&A process and more effectively manage probity; 
  • Size of tender fields;
  • Process closure, and
  • Improved industry dialogue.