Practitioners Toolkit


The Practitioners Toolkit includes key documents, guidance and information relating to the Ministerial Directions and Guides.

Important Notices

Supplier Code of Conduct – July 2017

The Victorian Government is implementing a Supplier Code of Conduct effective from 1 July 2017.

Construction contracts will not be amended to refer to the Code. Practitioners need to amend RFT, RFQ, EOI etc templates to require the Commitment Letter either as a stand alone document or as a returnable schedule.

The Construction Supplier Register is in the process of seeking Commitment Letters from suppliers on the register. During this transition period practitioners should check with the CSR as to the status of that work and to determine if you need to ask for a Commitment Letter or not.

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Approved forms and guidance material

Approved form of contract


Delivery model

Indicative $ value of works/ services Fee

AS 2124-1992 General Conditions of Contract (available through Standards Australia)

To be used with

Victorian Public Sector Special Conditions for use with AS 2124-1992 (DOC 151kb)


General construction – construct only


Greater than $200 000

Victorian Public Sector General Conditions of Contract for Minor Works (VPS MWC September 2012) (DOC 232kb)


VicRoads General Conditions of Contract Quotation Contracts CS-GCC-13 (VicRoads projects only)


Minor construction

 Up to $200 000

$25 000 to $200 000

AS 4300-1995 General conditions of contract for design and construct (available through Standards Australia)

to be used with

Victorian Public Sector Special Conditions for AS 4300-1995 (DOCX 53kb)


Design and Construct and variants


Greater than $200 000

VPS Construction Management Agreement

To be used with

Guide to the VPS Construction Management Agreement 

Construction Management


Generally for larger projects over $5m which are complicated

Victorian Public Sector Consultancy Agreement

To be used with

Guide to Consultancy Agreement


Victorian Public Sector Minor Consultancy Agreement (DOCX 65kb)


VicRoads Professional Services 1 (PS1) (VicRoads only)

Design only/consulting services related to construction works

Greater than $150 000

Generally for engagements less than      $150 000

Up to $25k and low risk simple assignments up to $75k

No approved standard form

However, departments and public bodies must apply National Alliance Contracting Guidelines Guidance Note 6 Early Contractor Involvement and Other Collaborative Procurement Methods


Early contractor involvement


Any value

Approved tender document

Delivery model

Indicative $ value of works/ services Fee

Victorian Government Model Tender Conditions (DOCX 76kb) 

All Any value

Request for tender template (available soon)

All Any value
Expression of interest template

(available soon)

 All Any value

Other useful tools and templates

Public construction reporting template - monthly updates (XLSX 29kb)

Public construction reporting template - Single project (DOCX 170kb)

Practice Note - Guidance on what is public construction (DOCX 242kb)


Applying for use of a non-standard form contract 

Where departments or public bodies wish to use an alternative form of contract please contact the Construction Policy Team at or call 03 9651 5379.

Further information 

For more information in relation to public construction policies contact the Construction Policy Team on 03 9651 5137 or email