Construction Procurement and Delivery Requirements


The Minister for Finance has issued four Ministerial Directions in relation to public construction, under Part 4 of the Project Development and Construction Management Act 1994 (Vic) (PDCM Act).

The Ministerial Directions prescribe principles and procedures that Victorian government departments and public bodies must follow when they procure public construction works and services, including:
  • construction tendering procedures that must be used, based on the estimated value of the works or services;
  • general conditions of contract to be used for public construction and the principles to be followed when developing contract conditions;
  • the design of buildings of a public nature taking into account bushfire attack risk; and
  • construction requirements for community fire refuges.

Ministerial Directions


Ministerial Direction No. 1

Tendering Provisions for Public Construction

Ministerial Direction No. 2

Contractual Provisions for Public Construction

Ministerial Direction No. 3 (Revoked as of 1 December 2016) Bushfire Provisions for Buildings of a Public Nature

Ministerial Direction No. 4 Construction Requirements for a Community Fire Refuge

Ministerial Directions Guides 

Each Ministerial Direction incorporates an associated Guide issued from time to time by the Secretary, Department of Treasury and Finance (the Department responsible for Part 4 of PDCM Act).

These Guides contain requirements that must be adhered to by all departments and public bodies.

Further detail

For more information about Ministerial Directions or Guides contact the Construction Policy Team in the Department of Treasury and Finance on 03 9651 5300 or email