Public construction policy and resources


Under the Project Development And Construction Management Act 1994 (Vic) (PDCM Act) public construction consists of any matter relating to the construction, maintenance, rehabilitation, alteration, extension or demolition of any improvements on land by, or on behalf of, departments and public bodies and includes:

  • design and construction practices;
  • tendering processes;
  • project delivery; and
  • contract administration.

The Minister for Finance is responsible for prescribing policy relating to Victorian public construction procurement including tendering and contracting procedures and mandatory practices for public construction. These policies apply to all departments and public bodies engaged in construction procurement.

The Department of Treasury and Finance provides support and advice to the Minister for Finance in relation to public construction policy.

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For more information in relation to public construction policies contact the Construction Policy Team in the Department of Treasury and Finance on 03 9651 5300 or email