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20 December 2016: Accounting Policy Newsletter

The Accounting Policy Update (Edition No.31) has now been issued. The newsletter outlines accounting policy areas of importance to Victorian public sector entities, and is applicable to both budget and financial reporting areas of public entities.

18 July 2016: Updates to FRDs

Please note that updates have been made to the following FRDs: FRD 120J and FRD 102A. These changes are applicable from 1 July 2015 and 1 July 2016 respectively.

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How do I

Prepare an annual report

The Model Report serves as a basis for annual financial and non-financial reporting by government departments in Victoria, other general government entities, and may be relevant to public financial corporations and public non-financial corporations.

Implement a Machinery of Government change

The Victorian public sector operating manual on machinery of government changes provides a range of helpful advice to assist departments in planning for, and implementing MoG changes.