Pre-paid servicing


Pre-paid vehicle servicing (pre-paid scheduled maintenance) is available from vehicle manufacturers under the whole of government passenger and light commercial contracts.

Pre-paid service is optional and fleet managers should specify their requirements when placing their new vehicle order with a manufacturer's authorised dealer.

Service schedules and intervals vary between manufacturers according to the contract made with government and between vehicle models. Details of vehicle service schedules are also contained in the service book supplied with all new vehicles.

For further details, contact VicFleet’s Contracts Manager on tel: (03) 9651 1559.

Service costs

Where fleet managers choose to take up the pre-paid service option, the associated costs are incorporated into the cost of the vehicle's lease payments.

Pre-paid non-scheduled maintenance

Pre-paid non-scheduled maintenance is an extended service alternative to the pre-paid scheduled service option.

Pre-paid non-scheduled maintenance is a total maintenance package offering convenience and administrative cost savings by eliminating the accounts handling associated with payments for vehicle servicing.

Pre-paid non-scheduled maintenance is an option available to fleet managers for some vehicles when placing an order for a new vehicle with a manufacturer approved dealer.