Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) register


Red tape issue

Licensees and staff selling, offering or serving liquor under general, on-premises, late night and packaged liquor licences are required to undertake face-to-face RSA training. All licensees subject to the RSA training requirement are required to maintain a hard copy RSA training register that contains the names of the licensee and all serving staff, copies of their RSA certificates and specified other information. This register is required to be readily accessible and available for inspection, which may occur at any time the premises are open. This can be cumbersome and costly to access when the premises are busy (e.g. Saturday nights). There may be electronic ways to verify that staff and licensee RSA certificates are up to date.  

Current status

The Liquor Control Advisory Council (LCAC) has been asked by the Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation to review RSA training requirements to ensure that they remain relevant and to provide advice on how RSA training could be improved. LCAC has established a working group to help inform its consideration of RSA training. The working group is considering the need for an RSA register as part of its work and is due to report to LCAC in December 2016.