Green line plans (COMPLETED)


Red tape issue

Establishments that operate a gaming room may not move gaming equipment inside the room without first going through an approval process. The room is a regulated space, which defines where gaming is allowed, and specifies what things are disallowed. However, some gaming venue operators have claimed that the way this is administered means that they are not able to make minor changes to the interior, including making changes to the bar and doors, without going through a process of approval. This imposes unnecessary costs, including the costs to engage a professional to draw up plans in AUTOCAD, and delay costs of four to six weeks while the regulator considers changes. Instead of considering all minute details, it may be possible to allow people to make changes in the regulated space, so long as the changes are not prohibited.

Current status

This has been completed. The VCGLR has determined that prior approval will only be required for modifications to the external boundary of the gaming machine area or changes to the number of gaming machines.