Butchers can sell beer and wine but not cider


Red tape issue

Various business types are allowed to supply liquor as an add-on to their primary business activity, without needing to obtain a liquor licence. These business types include butchers, florists and giftmakers, hairdressers, bed and breakfast residences and retirement villages. Butchers are currently only able to supply beer and locally made wine without a licence. However, consumer preference for cider has increased and cider is increasingly a significant product of local brewers and winemakers. Butchers can be an important outlet for regional producers of cider, as well as wine and beer. Restricting butchers to selling only wine and beer is not consistent with trends in consumer preferences. The restriction should be removed.

Current status

The Department of Justice and Regulation is currently drafting the Liquor Control Reform Amendment Regulations 2016, which will enable butchers to sell cider, as well as wine and beer, without holding a licence.