Our stakeholders


Our stakeholders are broadly defined as 'the individuals and groups who affect, or are directly affected by, DTF achieving its goals'.

Our primary stakeholders are:


  • Treasurer;
  • Minister for Finance


  • Victorian government departments;
  • DTF agencies and affiliates;
  • Commonwealth and other government jurisdictions;
  • suppliers of goods and services to DTF;
  • other external groups e.g. special interest groups, academia, subject matter experts etc.; and
  • internal stakeholders i.e. DTF staff.

Stakeholder strategy

DTF recognises the importance of building positive stakeholder relations to achieve its vision, mission and objectives and achieve the best possible outcome for Victorians.

The Department started a formal stakeholder relationship program in 2005, which included collecting stakeholders’ views of their relationship with DTF through a survey every two years.

DTF's commitment to building staff capability in stakeholder relationship management and engagement is reflected in the DTF Stakeholder Strategy 2012-14. Three key factors contribute to successful stakeholder relationship management:

  1. Stakeholder engagement capability: Improve DTF staff capability to plan, implement and share their learning about effective engagement with stakeholders for the short and long term.
  2. Culture and leadership: Modelling and developing effective relationship behaviours.
  3. Systems and processes: Improve integration and effectiveness of systems and processes that impact stakeholder relationship management.

The activities in the strategy are phased to continually build competencies within each of these areas at the organisational level and to influence stakeholder initiatives at the divisional, work group and individual levels.

Stakeholder survey

DTF’s stakeholder survey is held every two years.

It provides valuable insights about our stakeholders' views about their interactions with DTF, which help us consider how to build our own capability to achieve open and honest information sharing, and better understand each other's perspectives and goals.

These qualities enhance our ability to present quality advice, and achieve outcomes for Victoria that have broader benefits and commitment.

The most recent survey was conducted in December 2013. DTF appreciates the contribution of stakeholders who participate in the survey.

For more information about DTF’s stakeholder survey and strategy, contact Kerri Bradley, Manager Stakeholder Relationship Program on 9651 5111.