Shared Service Provider


The Shared Service Provider (SSP) is in the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) and delivers a range of strategic and operational shared services to clients in Victorian Government departments and agencies.

The services SSP offers are:

Office Accommodation - Collaborating with clients to plan and manage all aspects of their commercial office accommodation portfolio, including real estate management, facilities management and program management services across all capital works projects and security.

Victorian Government Library Service (VGLS) – Giving clients easy access to the information resources they need through licenced electronic resources, the Whole of Victorian Government (WoVG) library collection, a team of information professionals, and access to a global network of libraries and suppliers.

Car Pool Services - Offering clients a cost effective vehicle rental service, including a centrally hosted booking service and convenient monthly invoicing. 

Our service commitments

The Shared Service Provider (SSP) is committed to delivering these shared services effectively and efficiently, enabling our clients to have more capacity to focus on their core business. We do this by behaving consistently with public sector and DTF organisational values, with a specific emphasis on being:

  • Responsive and Efficient
  • Accountable and Transparent
  • Collaborative and Respectful
  • Influential and Effective
We measure our success against these commitments through formal  reporting on our State Budget Service Delivery outputs, annual reporting, and annual survey of our customers.

For further information about the Shared Service Provider, contact 9651 1625.