Statement 1: Organisation and functions


The Department of Treasury and Finance provides economic, financial and resource management policy advice to assist the Government to deliver its policy outcomes.

The Department’s expert advice balances economic, social and environmental goals within a framework of responsible financial management.

This includes:

  • supporting the Government in budget and financial management;
  • delivering innovative and timely policy advice;
  • contributing to government decisions on a range of economic, social and environmental issues;
  • providing strategic leadership across the public sector on economic and financial sector reform;
  • assisting the Government with the implementation of major infrastructure projects and frameworks;
  • designing and delivering initiatives that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of government operations;
  • contributing to decisions made by the Government on major contractual arrangements across the State;
  • supporting the Government’s Better Financial Management policy to improve service delivery of government operations; and
  • leading the achievement of fiscally responsible enterprise bargaining agreements for the Victorian public sector that promote workforce productivity and service delivery reform.

Information relating to the organisation and functions of the Department can be found on this website, on other websites and in online publications.

 Category/topic   Resource location 
 Acts administered by, or relevant to, the Department of Treasury and Finance  Appendix 15 of the 2013-14 Annual Report and Legislation
 Statutory authorities and offices  Agencies and affiliates
 List of major committees  Appendix 16 of the 2013-14 Annual Report
 Key structures and functions of the Department  Organisation chart
 Business areas  The Department comprises 18 groups as set out in the Organisation chart
More information on each group is set out at pages 6-7 of the 2013-14 Annual Report
 Department of Treasury and Finance annual reports  Publications

The Department develops a range of policies and practices.  As they are developed, mechanisms on the Department’s website are used to provide feedback on the policies and initiatives.  In addition, the public can provide feedback via the website feedback form or to the address below.


Members of the public can also write to the Department seeking information on any aspect of its operations. Correspondence can be addressed to the Secretary of the Department or the Director of the relevant business unit (contact names can be found on the Organisation chart).


Department of Treasury and Finance

1 Treasury Place

East Melbourne VIC 3002

GPO Box 4379

Melbourne VIC 3001


The Department’s main switchboard: ph 03 9651 5111

The resource locations and content presented within the Freedom of Information Part II Statements provide a snapshot of the information that is available and are not an exhaustive representation.

To find a specific topic, conduct a full search of this site or contact the relevant business area as listed in the Organisation chart.

More information about freedom of information can be found on the 

Freedom of Informationexternal site icon website.