Freedom of Information


The Freedom of Information Act 1982 provides you with the right to request access to documents held by the Department of Treasury and Finance.

The Act gives you the right to:

  • request documents about your personal affairs and the activities of the Department; and
  • request that incorrect or misleading information held by the Department about you be amended or removed.

The Department complies with the Act and has a dedicated Freedom of Information (FOI) unit which can answer any questions you may have relating to FOI and the Department.

Statutory agencies within the Department portfolio including the State Revenue Office, process their own requests.  To request access to agency documents, you should contact the agency directly. Contact details are available on the Freedom of Informationexternal site icon website.

How do I lodge an FOI request?

It is important to first contact the Department’s FOI unit to confirm whether a formal request for documents is required, as the document may already be available in the Department’s Annual Report or on this website.

To lodge an online FOI request for the Department, visit Freedom of information website at site icon which outlines the steps for making a request, from preparing an application to identifying where the request should be sent. The Freedom of Informationexternal site icon website provides a facility for online payment of the application fee.

To lodge an FOI request directly to the Department in writing, contact:

Department of Treasury and Finance
FOI unit
GPO Box 4379
Melbourne VIC 3001

Ms Vivian Chung, tel: (03) 9651 2115

Mr Mark Hamilton-Smith, tel: (03) 9651 1413

An FOI request must be specific enough to allow the Department to identify documents considered relevant to the request. Where the terms of a request are vague, assistance will be provided to you to help determine the type of documentation being sought. The application fee must accompany the request at the time of lodgment, otherwise the request will be invalid.

What is the cost of lodging an FOI request?

All FOI requests are subject to a $27.90 application fee (as at July 2016). This is a fixed cost which is non-refundable. The application fee is subject to an increase on 1 July every year.

If payment of the application fee would cause you hardship, you can ask for it to be waived by providing evidence, such as a photocopy of your current health care card.

If paying by cheque or money order, please make payment to the Department of Treasury and Finance.

Under the Freedom of Information (Access Charges) Regulations 2014, the following charges, which are set by those regulations, may also be applicable (as at 1 July 2016):

  • Charge for search time – $20.90 per hour or part of an hour (1.5 fee units per hour or part of an hour)
  • Charge for supervision – $20.90 per hour or part of an hour (1.5 fee units per hour or part of an hour)
  • Photocopying charges – 20c per black and white A4 page.
  • Providing access in a form other than photocopying – the reasonable costs incurred by the Department in providing the copy.
  • Charge for listening to or viewing a tape – the reasonable costs incurred by the Department in making arrangements to listen or view (supervision charges also apply).
  • Charge for making a written transcript of a tape – the reasonable costs incurred by the Department in providing the written transcript. 

These charges are set by government regulations.