What to expect at DTF


At DTF, we strive for excellence in financial and economic management to improve the lives of all Victorians. We value our people and motivate them to lead, influence, collaborate and innovate.

The way we do our work is just as important as what we do.  DTF is committed to attracting and developing staff who share and demonstrate our organisational values, which guide the approach we take to all aspects of our work.

Organisational values:

We are Influential:

We demonstrate leadership in our work

We negotiate effectively to get the best outcome for Victorians

We are Responsive:

We give timely, robust and impartial advice and services to stakeholders

We are proactive and solution focused, seeking opportunities to resolve issues and risks

We are Accountable:

We behave ethically, transparently and with integrity

We take responsibility for our work, decisions and actions

We work efficiently to achieve value for money outcomes

We are Collaborative:

We engage flexibly and constructively with our colleagues and stakeholders

We work together as a team, speaking with one voice

We are Respectful:

We treat others fairly and inclusively

We cultivate a positive work environment and understand others’ priorities and pressures

We are Creative:

We foster innovative thinking to create opportunities and solve challenges

We value and encourage diverse views and ideas 

Performance expectations

Performance planning and assessment at DTF is built around three related components:

  • work output targets;
  • professional development goals; and
  • behaviours we demonstrate as we do our work.

Our Capabilities and Behaviours Framework helps current and prospective staff understand what is needed to be successful at DTF and is a valuable resource to guide individual development - see related publications.

Learning and development

The Department promotes a ‘70/20/10’ approach to support effective development and application of new capabilities:

  • 70 per cent of effective development for adults typically occurs ‘on the job’ through ‘stretch’ activities or assignments;
  • 20 per cent occurs through building appropriate relationships and networks; and
  • 10 per cent occurs through short courses and/or formal study programs.

The Department supports staff to develop their capabilities and to build their careers through a range of formal and informal programs including:

  • training and development;
  • career discussions with managers;
  • internal transfer opportunities;
  • mentoring;
  • scholarships; and
  • studies assistance.

Reciprocal responsibilities

If you work at DTF, you benefit from employment principles that apply in all Victorian public sector organisations to ensure a harmonious and effective workplace. We have processes in place to ensure that:

  • decisions about employment at DTF are based on merit;
  • genuine Equal Employment Opportunity is provided for current and prospective staff;
  • all staff are treated fairly and reasonably;
  • staff who have concerns about how they are treated have avenues for addressing their concerns;
  • working in the public service is a great career option for Victorians; and
  • decisions and actions uphold human rights.

If you work at DTF, you have a responsibility, along with employees in all other Victorian public sector organisations, to demonstrate the Victorian public sector values:

  • responsiveness - providing best standards of service and advice;
  • integrity - earning and sustaining public trust;
  • impartiality - acting objectively;
  • accountability - accepting responsibility for decisions and actions;
  • respect - treating others fairly and objectively;
  • leadership - actively implementing, promoting and supporting these values; and
  • human rights - respecting, upholding, supporting and promoting human rights.

These values are critical to ensuring public confidence in the services we provide.

Learn more about public sector employment principles, values, standards and the Code of Conductexternal site icon

Diversity and equal employment opportunity

DTF aims to be a model employer providing an inclusive workplace that is understanding and respectful of differences such as gender, identity, race, disability or age. As part of this, DTF is a member of Pride in Diversity.external site icon


DTF welcome applicants from a diverse range of backgrounds, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.