Career opportunities


Find out more about the types of roles and career options that are available in the Department.

Guiding Government actions to best increase living standards for all Victorians through the provision of innovative policy advice

DTF staff provide leading edge policy advice to the Treasurer and whole of government on macroeconomics, forecasting and fiscal strategy, competition and regulation policy, financial risk management, social policy and infrastructure, climate change, tax insurance and intergovernmental relationship management.

The most common roles in this area are:

  • economists; and
  • policy analysts.

Providing sound financial management of the State’s fiscal resources

DTF staff prepare the State Budget and support the whole of Victorian government in the areas of financial analysis, reporting, compliance, accounting policy and fiscal strategy.

The most common roles in this area are:

  • finance and accounting roles;
  • policy analysts; and
  • project managers.

Championing an integrated whole of government ‘value for money’ approach to ensure optimal service delivery and provision of world class infrastructure to benefit all Victorians

DTF staff provide advice and policy services to support government infrastructure projects (commercial risk management, investment management, land and property services) and whole-of-government initiatives (accommodation, contract management, fleet management, information and technology services, project management and strategic planning).

The most common roles in this area are:

  • analysts;
  • project managers;
  • client service/customer relationship managers;
  • strategic sourcing and contract managers; and
  • technical analysts, advisers and architects.

Providing corporate support services to ensure the capability of DTF and its people to serve government

DTF staff provide corporate and strategic management services to support the work of the Department, including administrative, communication, legal, human resources and planning and executive services. Our corporate support roles include:

  • business and professional administrators;
  • executive assistants;
  • information management and information technology staff;
  • communication specialists;
  • legal specialists;
  • HR and organisational development consultants, advisers and administrators; and
  • planning and reporting officers.

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